The Applied Biostatistics Association

TABA is an informal association of applied biostatisticians and pharmaceutical researchers that has been organizing seminars in the Toronto area for over 25 years (formerly known as the Toronto Area Biostatistics Association). TABA’s goal is to provide an opportunity for professional development, as well as a venue where practicing statisticians can meet, share ideas, and learn from one another. We also welcome students.

Seminars are usually held in the early evening (6pm) and each seminar is followed by an informal meal which provides an opportunity for networking. The seminars are free, the meal costs a nominal amount. See here for a list of seminars.

  • Join TABA simply by sending an email to asking to receive email notices of upcoming talks. Be sure to provide your name and email address. There is no membership fee.
  • Suggest a seminar topic and/or speaker: all members are encouraged to make suggestions for seminar topics or speakers by sending an email to or speaking to one of the members of the executive.

Current TABA executive
Ruth Croxford
Lorinda Simms
Marguerite Ennis
Angelo Canty
Veronika Moravan

Sponsors TABA seminars are made possible thanks in part to generous donations from:

  • McDougall Scientific

We’d love to see your company name here as a sponsor: please contact Lorinda Simms or Ruth Croxford at


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