2013/14 session 2013-10-28 seminar

The Applied Biostatistics Association (TABA) invites you to a seminar and dinner:Title: “Debunking the myths about pragmatic trials: separating fiction from fact”.

Presenter: Prof Lehana Thabane, Professor/Associate Chair, Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics;
Associate Member, Departments of Anesthesia/Pediatrics, McMaster University

Abstract: Knowledge translation (KT) involves implementation of evidence-based guidelines into practice to improve the process of care and consequently health outcomes for patients.  Pragmatic trials are used in KT to provide patients, healthcare providers and policy-makers with reliable and relevant information to optimize healthcare decisions.  However, they have been criticized as “less perfect experiments” than explanatory trials; as creating “problems” by allowing non-compliance and cross-overs; creating “bias” by lack of blinding; requiring “large sample sizes” and “sacrificing internal validity to achieve generalizability”.  In this presentation, I will discuss whether or not these criticisms hold merit, and I will use the cardiovascular health awareness program [CHAP] trial—a community randomization pragmatic trial designed to assess whether offering a highly organized, community-based CHAP intervention compared to usual care can reduce cardiovascular disease (CVD) related outcomes—to illustrate how to address the issues.

When:  Monday October 28th, 2013
6-7 pm seminar
7 pm dinner (optional, but registration required)
Where:  Room 7-605, Princess Margaret Hospital, 610 University Avenue

Cost: Seminar – free
Dinner – $15  (students $5)

To attend, please RSVP by or on Friday the 25th of October:
* for seminar only, please email us by clicking here: mailto:taba.exec@gmail.com?subject=SeminarOnly
* for seminar and dinner, please email us by clicking here: mailto:taba.exec@gmail.com?subject=SeminarAndDinner

If you plan to attend the dinner, we accept a mailed cheque, Interact email money transfer or cash at the event. If you have to cancel the dinner we request a 48 hour notice otherwise TABA has to pay for it.
–For cheques: mail cheque, payable to TABA, to
Lorinda Simms
Eli Lilly Canada Inc.
3650 Danforth Ave
Toronto, ON
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–For Interac email money transfer (not PayPal): do the transfer via your bank to taba.exec@gmail.com and send a separate email via your own email program to us (taba.exec@gmail.com)giving the answer to the security question you used so that we can accept the transfer.

TABA seminars are made possible thanks in part to generous donations from
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