SORA / TABA Annual Workshop 2016 and DLSPH Biostatistics Research Day

Date: May 6, 2016
Location: Main Auditorium Dalla Lana School of Public Health University of Toronto 155 College Street, Rm HS 610 (6th floor) Toronto, Ontario
The Division of Biostatistics at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health (DLSPH) is pleased to host the “SORA-TABA Workshop and the DLSPH Biostatistics Research Day”. The event is intended to bring together the regional and local statistical communities who are interested in biostatistics, financial statistics and other applied areas of statistics.
Please join us in making this SORA-TABA-DLSPH joint event a great success!
The workshop will include poster presentations by participants; students and post-docs are particularly encouraged to present their research or practicum work, and three poster awards will be given at the closing ceremony. There will be a career panel discussion which is aimed to provide graduate students with career-building advises. The organization of this workshop represents a joint effort between DLSPH and the following organizations: the Southern Ontario Regional Association of SSC, the Southern Ontario Chapter of ASA, the Applied Biostatistics Association, York University and McDougall Scientific, and Statistical Society of Canada.

An introduction to causal inference: propensity score methods using weighting and regression adjustments

Presenters: Dr. Erica E. M. Moodie and Dr. David A. Stephens
Causal inference attempts to uncover the structure of the data and eliminate all non-causative explanations for an observed association. Most inference problems in biostatistics seek to uncover causal relationships, which is hindered by issues such as confounding in non-experimental data or non-compliance in randomized studies. This workshop will introduce fundamental principles in causal inference, with a particular focus on the propensity score. The propensity score and the concept of covariate balance will be considered. Theoretical properties of propensity score based estimators will be considered, focusing first on marginal and conditional effects of a time-fixed treatment and then proceeding to the more complex setting of time-varying treatments.

For more information about the Astat and Pstat designation, please visit the program website —

Workshop Committee Members

  • Wendy Lou, University of Toronto, DLSPH
  • Michael Escobor, University of Toronto, DLSPH
  • Olli Saarela, University of Toronto, DLSPH
  • Janet McDougall. McDougall Scientific, ASA
  • Hugh McCague, York University, SORA
  • Xin Gao, York University, SORA
  • Ruth Croxford, Institute for Clinical Evaluation Sciences, TABA

If you have any question regarding the workshop, please send your inquiry to Wendy Lou at, Janet McDougall at,  or Xin Gao at


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