How should we design this site?

I’ve posted this to get a discussion started on what to do with this site. I think that people with accounts (I hope to add accounts soon for anyone potentially involved in contributing material for the site) can create a post.

Currently, I think, that anyone — with or without an account — can post a reply to a post. So everyone can jump in by replying to this thread.

I’m taking the liberty to post a link to a site curated by Peter for the orchestra with which he performs.  This is a hint of the potential for a WordPress site.  My efforts have had much more humble results :

The nice thing about WordPress is that we don’t need to achieve perfection from the start. We just need to start with something functional and we can improve from there.

Please share your ideas.





13 thoughts on “How should we design this site?

  1. Thanks for setting all this up George; to you it may be simple – to me magical! This website, and the two other examples are very inspiring. I would like the teams thoughts on having “sections” for ASA, SSC and TABA members as well as overall. At a minimum this could set this SORA site as a launch pad to the general sites (ASA and SSC anyway). The goal here would be to have the SORA site seen as a gateway to go to for SORA information (like the first page seminar – excellent) as well as linking to other sites generally and for special events for the other societies (even the release of the latest copy to Liaison ). Keeping the links active would take a bit of discipline, but since we have reps to all the organizations, maybe that would be one of their “duties”.

  2. Looks nice!
    I have a comment about the first bar that appears just below the banner. I feel that it should consist of just two items:
    SORA/Toronto ASA Chapter

    or technically 3 items because I think one needs to link to the main page
    Main page
    SORA/Toronto ASA Chapter

    I don’t mind another bar below it with more items , but I feel that the first thing one sees should reflect the main partners in the website. This makes me think, however, would each part have it’s own Forum and Archives or are these for the whole site?

    1. I’ve tried various approaches. One is ‘organizational/functional’, a second one is ‘functional/organizational’. (I’m making this up). As organizers, our view would tend to be closer to the former but a typical visitor is, I think, more likely to think in terms of the later: “what’s happening?” more than “who provides it?”

      As of this minute (may be completely different tomorrow), I have links and sublinks as follows:

      Home Page
      — SORA / TABA Annual Workhop
      — SORA Business Analytics Seminars
      — TABA Seminars
      — Speakers Forum
      — SORA
      — TABA
      — Site Design (the categories appearing as sub-links would change)
      — Calendar
      — Site Organization (visible only to Editors and Administrators, i.e. SORA/TABA Executive + others who need this access): this includes information on hosting, registration, etc.

      One question is what to put on the home page.

      Perhaps the most useful thing on the page now is the “Upcoming Events” widget. It is very easy to post events and, if you use Google calendar, you can import the sorataba calendar into your own. So, instead of entering details of seminars into my personal calendar, I’ve started just entering them into the sorataba calendar. I love opportunities to leverage effort this way!

      What do we put as the main content? Perhaps some information on the next two or three main events that we are organizing.

      By the way, if you linked to the sorataba calendar earlier than yesterday, the plugin was an older version with bugs. You should probably link again and delele the old link.

      We can have separate archives. We could also have separate forums but I think the easier way to do this is with categories. Simply use the posting category “TABA” or “SORA” when the posting and the ensuing discussion are mainly of interest to one organization. This also allows posts that are intended to be of general interest.

      In an e-mail message, Yu made some very good suggestions. I’ll take the liberty to quote some of his comments:

      In the main page, it is better to leave enough spaces in the left edge and the right edge ( Please randomly check any professional website like Otherwise, there is a strong pressure for viewers. A lot of personal homepages fails to do that.

      As a website for a professional association, the main page should be simple, decent and authoritative. We could leave interaction to “forum/blog”. We may need to close “leave a reply” and fancy background picture. The clear buttons with a tree-structure also make the website very informative.

      …. I guess there’s lots more to do and say — especially when you have a look at the professional elegance of a site like Peter’s symphony site.

    1. Hi Victor,

      Thanks for looking at the site — still in its earliest infancy.

      I’m having a lot of problems with the calendar plugin. It might just be a plugin that isn’t very mature. Unfortunately, I don’t have the skill to go in and modify its code. Maybe we can keep an eye out for a better plugin. If anyone has a suggestion, please let us know.


    1. Your comment came to me as an email Peggy (an option I chose). Maybe a question to George is the difference between setting up a discussion, commenting and then having a blog. This is all very new to me as well.


  3. I’ve changed the illustration for the header to a 3d cluster plot so that we have something other than the default that every WordPress site with our theme starts with. I am not at all attached to this — I just put it up to have something there.

    You have all made many excellent points and I hope that you will keep them coming. We will redesign early next week using your suggestions.

    I have set the default user level for a new registration as ‘author’. I hope we won’t run into trouble with that. “Author”s can can create new postings as well as comment on existing ones.

    I’m just nosing around WordPress. I have very little experience and absolutely no expertise. So I am as mystified as many of you with its behaviour but we are all trying to learn.

    All the best, Georges

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